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I often talk about my sex toy collection to the gents that I meet up with at London escorts. They probably think that I am a little bit nuts, but I really like sex toys. Not all of the sex toys that I have can be used. Some of them are old antique sex toys that I have picked up in very places, and I love just looking at them. One of the gents that I met recently at London escorts said that it sounds like I collect sex toys in the same way he collects stamps. I suppose the main difference is that I cannot put my toys in an album and take them with me.

Unlike most other people I am completely comfortable around my sex toys. I use them together with my boyfriend and I must admit that I get seriously turned on by them at all. There is no way that I would be able to go on holiday without a few of my sex toys. A year ago, I went on holiday to Barbados with a couple of my friends from London escorts. They were really embarrassed when the customs officer found my little bag of sex toys. I just told him that they were sex toys, and he blushed to be honest with you. So did my friends from London escorts.

I am not sure why I am so hooked on sex toys, but I was into sex toys long before I joined London escorts. During my interview at London escorts, I mentioned to the owner of the agency that I collected sex toys. In all honesty, I think that he thought that I was a little bit nuts as well, but I don’t think I am at all. I know lots of people who are really into sex toys, and they don’t have a problem with my collection of sex toys at all.

Should you be embarrassed about your sex toys? Personally I don’t think that you should be embarrassed about your sex toys at all. I know that lots of people are and don’t want to talk about them. Lots of the girls at London escorts have sex toys but they seldom talk about and that has really surprised me. Solo play is popular with London escorts as well, so why cannot we not talk about the vibrator which brings us the most satisfaction when it comes to vibrators. I really think that we just believe that we are more open minded. When it comes down to it, we are not really open minded at all.

As I am so much into sex toys, I have been thinking about starting my own review site when it comes to sex toys. I think that would be pretty cool. Needless to say my friends at London escorts think that I am mad. But, why should we not have a review site? Sex toys are becoming more and more advanced , and I think it is important to know if they truly bring us satisfaction. Let’s be honest, you can spend a lot of money on sex toys without knowing if they are any good. These days sex toys like remote control sex toys, should really get some sort of review. I think it is about time that sex toys came out of the closet so to speak.…

Does The Penis Size Really Matter?

Human beings have always placed great significance on the size of a penis. A man who feels as if they lack in the trouser department can have less confidence and ultimately an unhappy love life. One question that most people ask is what size is deemed normal and do women actually care about the size of the penis.

Being a superstar in bed has nothing to do with the penis size of the man. When a man is hung up on the penis size, he can often get distracted and are unable to perform well in bed. Many women orgasm due to clitoral stimulation so size is not as crucial as you might think.

How Can Sex Be Amazing with A Small Penis?
If a man classifies himself as having a small penis, there are various tactics to apply to ensure sex is still as amazing. Here are some of them.

Ease Up on the Lube
When having sex with a man who has a penis that is smaller-than-average, it is advisable to skip the lube. Doing this allows you to feel more sensation.

Squeeze the Pelvic Floor Muscles During Penetration
If your partner has a small package, you can use this tactic to make penetration feel incredible. Squeeze the pelvic muscles in sync with your partner’s thrust to boost the sensations for both of you.

Go for Positions that Encourage More Clitoral Stimulations and Friction
During penetration, a man with a small penis is limited in terms of the positions to make both partners feel really good. Positions such as woman-on-top can allow for some more clitoral contact and friction, thus making the sex amazing.

How Can Sex Be Less Painful with a Large Penis?
There are some men who are more endowed than normal and when it comes to sex, the partner is likely to have a painful and uncomfortable experience. With the tips below, you can enjoy sex even when your partner has a large penis.

Tell Your Partner to Go Slowly
When having sex with a man who is well endowed, he has to give up the fast and dynamic thrusts during penetration. A slow and gentle process is a winning combination and the pleasure does not diminish at all.

Choose The Perfect Positions
With the right positions to accommodate the large package, sex does not have to be painful for you as a woman. The basic technique is to ensure that as a woman, you gain as much control as you can.

Do Not Ignore Foreplay
Engaging in foreplay becomes an essential aspect of your sex life especially when your partner has a large penis. It relaxes the vagina muscles and gives you more natural lubrication thus allowing you to ease him in. As a result, it becomes easy for your man to enter without hurting you. Additionally, you can make lube your bedroom companion.

Whether your partner has a small penis or a big one, you can enjoy sex by applying the above tips.

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