High Street Sex Shops on the Rise?

A few years ago, some of the longest established sex shops in London closed. The problem was that the Internet, but at the same time, I have to say that a lot of sex shop owners had not changed their outlook on retailing. I used to shop in some of these shops together with my friends from charlotte escorts, but I would never go into one of the shops on my own. Like one of the girls from our London escorts service said, the shops were always dirty and kind of disgusting.

After a couple of years, Ann Summers sex shops hit the high street. They were totally different from traditional sex shops, and many charlotte escorts starting to use them. A couple of the girls who worked for a rival London escorts at the time, actually left the London escorts service and sat up an Ann Summers franchise. They are doing really well, and all sorts of people frequent their sex shop.

As a result of Ann Summers sex shops hitting the high street in many major town and cities, sex shops have changed their trading style. Even the ones in Soho in London have changed a lot, and they are now bright and more welcoming. It took me and the other girls at London escorts a while to go into the shops, but now a lot of London escorts are shopping in high street sex shops again.

These days, the sex shops around London, are staffed by people who know what they are talking about. When I first started to use sex shops when I joined London escorts, they were staffed by men who looked at you in a funny sort of way. Well, that was true for all of them. Some of the old Soho sex shops were staffed by ladies in low cut tops. That is something that you don’t get anymore now, and I think that is why so many London escorts have started to use sex shops again.

But there is more to it than a better retail environment. I love quality lingerie, and that is something that you never used to find in sex shops. Now, you will find quality sexy lingerie in all sex shops in London, and that is another reason why a lot of London escorts have gone back to shop in them. Sometimes an industry need a little kick, and that is what I think happened when Ann Summers launched their high street sex shop chain, and it seems to be working for the company as well as the franchisees.

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